Last update: 2004-02-18

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2004-02-18 Because of the fact that we have lot of work at school and job we had to suspend the Lofwyr project.
It's possible to resume development in the future. If You would like to play full version of Lofwyr please tell us about it (emails in Contact section).

About Lofwyr

Lofwyr, Draco Occidentalis is a graphical MUD (something like Tibi@). In a virtual world user can walk (discover map), drink, eat, fight with monsters and other players, trade and sleep (some features are actually not available). Each player has his/her own statistics which can be expanded. Users can talk and trade with each other or in shops. We are going to write engine (with two-dimensional graphics) and basic world, which every user (programmer) could expand by adding a new map, new characters, improving graphics, etc. (game will be open source :) ).

This game is mutliplayerable only by a client - server architecture. Server can be run on Linux (maybe some others Unix too), clients on Windows and Linux (not available yet).
Server is written in C++, actually available client is written in Delphi. We consider to make client for Linux (GTK+ or Qt) or port in Java (for portability).

More info about program you can find on projects group page.

You can subscribe our mailing list to be notified about changes and/or to ask questions about Lofwyr.


Some screenshots from Lofwyr (click to see full size image).


You can download Lofwyr from our download page at
Intro (intro is in XviD format. You need codec to play it. Souce code can be get from, binaries for Windows from

Latest files are available on CVS (see You can download it via ViewCVS or using CVS client:

$ cvs checkout server
$ cvs checkout client

About us

This game is written by a two students of Wyższa Szkoła Informatyki Stosowanej i Zarządzania ( (Poland). We were inspired by subject named Client-Server Applications Programming lectured by dr inż. Marcin Inkielman.

We would like to thank Anna Zajączkowska for wonderful Lofwyr logo and Karol "Krzychu" Krzykowski ( krzykows AT wsisiz DOT edu DOT pl ) for great intro.

English isn't our native language, so if you find some mistakes on page please let us know.

You can contact us by email:
Marcin "Szpak" Zajączkowski - szpak (at) users (dot) sourceforge (dot) net
Tomasz "Code Warrior" Purzycki - purzycki (at) users (dot) sourceforge (dot) net

News About Lofwyr Screenshots Download About us Logo